Tuesday, 17 April 2012

BENJAFIELD- Solo exhibition and launch event at Antenna

What an experience it has been!
I can say that I have never had a launch event before and have never spoke or  had a Q&A with the Artist (myself) to that scale until now.

I learnt a lot. For example- Not to get my slides mixed up and that it is OK to have a drink beforehand to calm my nerves. One of my previous tutors got me a G&T before the big talk.

I just wish that I had taken more photo's at the launch and of the crowd as there are only few photo's of me speaking.

My first press review- www.leftlion.co.uk/articles.cfm/title/kelly-benjafield-exhibition-launch-at-antenna/id/4381

Thank you to everyone that came down to the event to support me and a big thank you to those at Antenna for the support and opportunity. Thank you to those at Leftlion for the review.

It was a great experience and the public speaking must have not been too bad as I have been asked to speak again at an event at Antenna at the end of May, which I will keep all updated on.

AND.. Watch this space as I have many more ideas now in the pipe line :D

BIG thank you to Rachel Hobbs, Bridge & Stitch and Gareth Brown for taking the time out to blog about me. Really appreciate it as I take long enough to blog my own stuff xx


I am a very lucky lady to have the support network that I do xx

Monday, 27 February 2012

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Creative Greenhouse Open Exhibition- Antenna, Nottingham. Nov '11- jan '12

Walthamstow Dog Stadium A bit of home :)

Antenna open exhibition is still on, check it oot

Bromley House Library, first solo Exhibition- Oct- Dec 2011- part 2

Attic rooms of the Library

Please excuse the vast amount of photographs. It was a large exhibition and these are not even all the pieces that were exhibited :)

The exhibition at Bromley House was an incredible experience and a lot was learnt. I can only hope for more opportunities like this and would like to thank all of those that helped me, all of those that were involved and those that managed to come down the exhibition and show their support.


Bromley House Library, first solo Exhibition- Oct- Dec 2011- part 1

The beginnings- piecing things together, the experience of working on this project and exhibition alone. Making all final decisions myself and trusting my instinct.

It has been great having a great deal of floor space to organize these big (6 ft) pieces of works.

As well as sharing a studio space with the lovely Merrimaking crew. Nice to have the company (and such great company at that). :o)

The very first solo BENJAFIELD exhibition held in the incredibly beautiful Library that is Bromley House, Nottingham.

Front Entrance Hall

Upper Entrance to the Library

 Entrance and stairwell to Attic rooms

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bromley House Exhibition Extended :)

Great News, The exhibition at Bromley House Library has been extended for another 4 weeks. And will now be on until the 24th November :)

Really pleased about this. If anyone is interested in heading down lemme know. I will post up other times that I will be about the place also. Been a bit unwell this week.

Honestly worth taking a look, not just to see my work but mainly to check out the incredible library :)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Times to find me at Bromley House Library

Just a brief entry to let you all know that I will be in the library for these hours this week an next week, if they wanted to head down :)

I will be at the library for the following hours-
Tomorrow from 10.30am
Monday- 11am- 2.30pm
Wednesday- 1pm- 3pm
Friday- 9.30am-1pm

Feel free to pop by and say hello